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Deer Fencing
Different types of deer fencing including rolls of poly mesh, metal deer fence materials and deer field fence. Also found here are complete deer fence kits, posts and accessories.

Kittyfence Cat Fence, Cat Fencing
Complete cat fence kits and cat fencing materials with angled post extenders to safely contain cats

Garden Fencing, Garden Fence Kits
Garden fence materials and complete garden fence kits designed to protect individual garden areas 

Dog Fencing, Dog Fence Kits
Complete dog fence kits and dog fencing materials designed to safely contain your four legged friends

Deer Grates
Structures typically used in place of an access gate across a driveway entrance

Other Information

Deer Fence Photos
Photos of self installed fence systems sent in by customers. Also, photos of fence systems we've professionally installed.
Tick Control
Why deer fence? Aside from being inexpensive and nearly invisible, a deer fence will help lower the amount of ticks in your space.
This can mean 90% fewer ticks over time!

Deer Fence Installation

Not all deer fences are created equal.

Driving through an area inundated with deer, you'll see fencing of different types that have been put up to exclude deer. It's amazing to see the vast difference between the quality and expense of most homes and the poor fencing that surrounds them. There are properties with fence material nailed to trees, suspended from bamboo posts, suspended from t-posts or u channel posts and more. We've seen adapted chain link fences, stockade fences and even properties where aviary netting has been used as a deer fence. Most of these fences have been installed by local fence companies or landscapers that installed them to the best of their knowledge, giving it a try. Unfortunately, in the end, these fences don't work and end up getting replaced or are such an eyesore the entire look of the property is compromised.

A properly installed deer fence should:

1) exclude deer without exception along with other wildlife

2) be as invisible as possible - this includes the method of suspending the fence, blending in and impacting the landscape very little, visually and physically

3) be durable for longevity, able to withstand pressure from wildlife, weather and vegetation including falling tree branches

We believe we offer the highest quality, least visible and most effective installed fence system available anywhere.

deer fence installation deer fence installation 2 deer fence deer fence through trees

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Deer fence installation can be done through a tree line, along stone walls or across open areas.

100% deer exclusion guarantee

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